Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looks like he made it!

Our son, Brandon, is one of those kids that loves to be involved in a lot of different things. He's a hard worker and a people person which is why he has loved being involved in student council all four years of high school. This past year he has been the Senior Class President which is a very busy job this time of year. He has been busy with the Senior Commencement Dance, Baccalaurette plans and graduation plans. On top of his duties as Senior Class President, this year he has been a section leader in Bonnevaires and the President of the high school Ballroom Team. Add a job, two online classes and of course, a social life, (a teenage boy needs to date!) and you have a guy that's getting a little burned out. I believe the term used is "senioritis". With so much going on, I've had to put on my nagging hat and kick his rear end into gear a few times to get him to finish everything that he needed to in order to actually graduate. Some days I wondered if it would happen! But, he got it done! All finals are done and he will officially graduate from high school this week! Congratulation, Brandon!


  1. You get to do your back flip 4 days before graduation? You lucky duck you. Mine was the day before. :} Oh yea Brandon. Congrats! Love and miss you guys!

  2. Congratulations, Brandon! How exciting. I can't believe he has graduated high school! Time is flying WAY too fast. I told him at Ashley's reception that I can't watch "Hercules" without thinking of him and Ashley because that's all they ever wanted to watch when I babysat them ha ha. Good times! And I can't believe how much he had going on in school. That's amazing! He can really use all of that to take him places. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats to Brandon! That is awesome! Such a busy guy!